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The Magic Pill of Tech Troubleshooting

The re-boot, the magic pill. Power cycle, reset, pull the plug, power down, pull the batteries out. Give it 30 seconds to two minutes and power it back up. 75% of electronic problems are solved using this method. It works.

Recently, a client described a problem with a TV and cable box. The picture was degrading over time and the issue worsened when it rained. The guide worked on the TV and cable box appeared fine. I diagnosed a signal issue related to the cable outside or inside the house. I suggested to call the cable company to test the cabling when my client said, “Maybe we should just unplug it?” What wise words.

So we did as she suggested and “shazam!” the TV’s picture and sound came back. I have no idea why, it just did. This nifty trick works time and time again. Computers, routers, network switches….reboot!

Wise words. We know them. We live them. We talk about them as a staff, laugh about it. But sometimes we forget.

It’s like magic. If you are afraid to try it, don’t hesitate to contact us first for advice.

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