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Love & Passion

If January is the month for fresh starts, February is the month of love and passion.

Larry and I have given a lot of thought to the topic. We are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary this month along with the anniversary of our ninth year of our creation of Intuitive Environments. As with each anniversary, this is a time for retrospective.

Like any relationship we are constantly evaluating what brings us joy and purpose. Happiness isn’t a one-size-fits all proposition. If there isn’t something in our life that makes us wake up curious and excited to start the day, the day is lost. Passion is what fuels the jet engine propelling us toward a meaningful existence.

What is our passion?

Creating exceptional experiences for our clients. We carefully choose technology products and thoughtfully tie them together to deliver “intuitive” smart home systems that allow safer, more convenient, meaningful and richer lives. Our passion is properly applying technology to turn a house into a treasured sanctuary that brings people together and enables an enduring source of happiness.

We deliver technology with a heart, soul and purpose.

To us, status quo is the enemy. We are always asking ourselves what is next, and does it make sense for our clients? Our constant evaluation and critical analysis of hype allows our clients to obtain the most efficient, rich, custom experience.

We’re here as your partners in the year ahead and long beyond. Thank you for the trust you place in the team at Intuitive Environments and giving us the challenges that let us do our best work.

With love and passion!

Rachel Modena Barasch

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