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Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas

People often ask us for gift ideas. It starts before Thanksgiving now for those organized ones and really gets going right about now. This year we are going to help you all out and put together a top 10 Gift Ideas list. Here you go….

10) Nest Thermostat, the learning thermostat. It’s the iPod of thermostats (developed by Tony Fadell, “the Father of the iPod”)

9) Sonos, learn to love your music again. Sonos makes it so easy to access and enjoy your music. There are many Sonos options, let us help you find the one that’s right for your home or office.

8) We like to say it’s our bread and butter work. We’ve got a single remote control to tame all your devices. No pointing required. Just ask us.

7) Sonos for Your TV: Combine the Sonos Playbar with wireless or wired speakers and a Sub and you’ve got a music and movie sound in one easy to use system.

6) Immersive Surround Sound. We do this every day and we’ve got it down to a system that just works. Enveloping movie sound that you can feel in your bones and still hear the dialog. Ask us for more info.

5) UltraHD/4K TVs. Four times HD resolution, these TVs can make regular HD look even better. Samsung is the gold standard, available in 55”, 65” and 85”, starting at $2,999.99

4) Audiophile streaming music solution. Many options to consider, mate a audiophile quality music streamer with a sexy pair of tower speakers and rediscover the nuances of music

3) Samsung’s 55” Curved OLED TV. A work of art with a very real picture.

2) PRIMA Cinema. PRIMA Cinema enables you to redefine movie night by watching just-released Hollywood films from the comfort of your home.

1) 85” UltraHD/4K TV. A luxurious visual experience, unlike any TV you have ever seen before. Wall-mountable version available also.

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