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Smart Lifestyle


Delivering superior audio, video, lighting systems and much more to match your lifestyle - all controlled from your iPad, iPhone, or Android device.  The latest and greatest technologies are evaluated to determine those that truly deliver on their claims. We thoughtfully tie them together to deliver “intuitive” Smart Home systems that are specific to your needs. We bring the interactive Smart Home to life.

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Turn on Lights

Control TV

Close Blinds

Adjust Music


Control Temperature 

Close Garage Door

Check Front Door

Turn On Outdoor Lights

Activate Security System

ALERT! The sewer line is backing up.

ALERT! Living room motion sensor is activated.

ALERT! It's after 10pm, and the garage door is open.

ALERT! Water leak detected in the basement, and the main well is shut off.

Receive ALERT or STATUS messages:

STATUS: Front door opened at 2:33pm, and the kids are home from school.

STATUS: The termostat is on at the preset temperature of 72*.

STATUS: Front door camera recorded a new video clip at 4:50pm.

Full Service Installation


Intuitive Environments delivers technology with a heart, soul, and purpose. Our custom residential system designs are perfectly appointed for your comfort and are practically planned.  Our Smart Home expertise include home theaters, media rooms, high performance audio and video systems, motorized window treatments, energy management, security cameras, networks, and more.


  • Our methodology ensures that all details are meticulously taken care of and includes client lifestyle assessment.

  • After a scope of work is agreed upon, we take care of everything else, consistently delivering quality and a seamless experience. 

  • Client training and customer support is included. If problems ever arise, we resolve them – quickly.


We offer system design and engineering, project management, procurement, installation, coordination with subcontractors and design team members, calibration, registration, and recycling of boxes and packaging materials.

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When you need more than a simple do-it-yourself solution, Intuitive Environments is the right choice. We are passionate about properly applying technology to turn a house into a treasured sanctuary that brings people together and enables an enduring source of happiness:


  • Human-centered approach to Smart Home systems

  • More than a decade of experience with extensive engineering and high technology backgrounds

  • Cut through the hype to carefully choose premier products and thoughtfully tie them together to create exceptional experiences

  • Enable safer, more convenient, meaningful, and richer lives

Consulting, Design & Advocacy

Design, Consulting, and Advocacy

When you need an independent source, Intuitive Environments is ready to provide its expertise, assessments, and recommendations. We ensure your smart home design delivers the intuitive experience you expect. Our services are tailored to remodels and new construction. We manage the entire process from design to procurement and installation. We coordinate directly with contractors, designers, and architects who are involved with your project.






Our services are tailored to large home projects, vacation destinations, or any complex Smart Home challenge. We will coordinate directly with the contractors, local installers, and other professionals working on the job. 

  • Consulting and Design

  • Network Evaluation, Creation, and Monitoring

  • Product Evaluation and Selection


  • Bid Reviews

  • Owner Advocates / Representatives

  • Project Management


Contact Intuitive Environments
650/325-7527 to schedule a consultation.

We will work with you to create your custom Smart Home.
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