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Case Studies

Art Canvas with Connected Speakers 

Soundwall® is a connected canvas, a new concept for speakers blended with art and WiFi music streaming services. Soundwall engaged with Intuitive Environments to collect feedback on the product potential.


Intuitive Environments tested the product in a Smart Home Lab to see if the real world experience measured up to the expectation for the innovative startup. Intuitive Environment clients and prospects saw and heard Soundwall and provided their feedback.

Experts from Intuitive Environments were able to make two valuable recommendations.


  • Soundwall might consider a blank canvas or a separate device that can be installed on an existing piece of artwork because not all clients wanted to select from the curated offers.

  • Intuitive Environments connected Soundwall with custom installation sales reps since the target market for the product aligned with clients who would be contracting for custom smart home solutions.

  • Soundwall will be installed in the Intuitive Environments Smart Home Lab. Clients and prospective clients were able to view the product, hear the messaging and interact with the art. Soundwall received valuable direct market feedback about their product.


Both of the recommendations created new growth opportunities for the young company. Soundwall and Intuitive Environments continue to collaborate on future product concepts, development, and ethnographic research. Contact us to learn more about how Intuitive Environments can put your startup product to the test.  

Smart Home Controller

Intuitive Environments was a distributor as well as an informal product development consultant for one of the first home automation systems on the market soon after the first product was released in 2003.


The system capability resonated with the discerning and tech savvy buyers in Silicon Valley.  Installing the product in multi-million dollar homes of the Silicon Valley elite clientele requires attention to detail. Intuitive Environments drawing from its experience and from customer reactions, made the case for higher quality with richer functionality in the products and user-interface.


Intuitive Environments recommended numerous software, design and manufacturing improvements to improve the physical quality and the user experience. Subsequent product updates and new releases were aligned with the expectations. As a result, the company repositioned the product and brand to build a reputation in the top-end of the custom Smart Home market.


With critical help from Intuitive Environments, the home automation system company created innovative and high quality products that allowed them to become an industry leader. Contact us to learn more about how Intuitive Environments can leverage their Silicon Valley elite clientele to improve your products and market position. 

Independence for a Disabled Student

After an unfortunate accident years earlier, a young man was left with very limited mobility and is assisted by trusted caregivers around the clock. The courageous young man moved across the country to attend Stanford University. While attending college, he needed more independence. His parents, living in New York, contacted Silicon Valley based Intuitive Environments for help.


Intuitive Environments compassionately assessed the concerns and designed creative solutions that are simple, connected and easy to use. The first solution was a customization to the hospital bed that allowed him to control sitting up when he was awake, and laying back when he was ready to sleep.


Next, Intuitive Environments designed a specialized armrest that allows control of an Apple iPhone. Through the iPhone and further customization, the possibilities are endless. The disabled man can control lighting and temperature, access entertainment and study materials, make a call to his parents, and a myriad of actions that will raise his level of independence.


The creativity of Intuitive Environments gave one young man more independence than he thought was possible. The same concepts can be applied for companies or organizations serving the disabled community. Contact us to learn more about how Intuitive Environments can creatively customize your products.

Optimized Wireless and Broadband

Smart Homes with many connected devices rely on robust networks for a high quality user experience. When one person is streaming a movie and another is working from home, the network must be able to keep up. A new application and service was introduced to both test the connection and ultimately manage the performance of the network.


Intuitive Environments received a request to test the new application and service that claimed to optimize WiFi and broadband at home. Intuitive Environments put it to the test by the product management team. The product review on ABC7 in the Bay Area describes that the network performance improved in areas of the house and the range was extended. Remote troubleshooting and network optimization eliminates today’s “plug and pray” mentality with network access points.


Because the service sees every device on the network, Intuitive Environments introduced a new concept to the company. Custom installers and other providers can offer a new level of service and support to their customers - a real-time monitoring service. This concept created a new revenue stream opportunities for the company and for service providers. Contact us to learn more about how Intuitive Environments can discover new revenue opportunities for your products and services.

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