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Nine Romantic Ideas

For those that are stuck on what to do to show their love to the ones they love…..

  • Get up early, have the automatic blinds in your bedroom set to “sunrise” and watch the sunrise together in bed.

  • Take a long walk together holding hands.

  • Create a playlist that has special meaning for your relationship and make it “yours.”

  • Re-enact the best date that the two of you ever had.

  • Write a love song for your sweetheart (you don’t have to be good- it’s the thought that counts).

  • Set your lighting scene to “romance,” your playlist on your favorite love songs, and gaze into your partner’s eyes while you feed each other a rich and yummy velvet cake.

  • Give her/him a fabulous foot massage.

  • Set your lighting scene to “movie,” and stream “When Harry met Sally” on your TV. Watch the movie snuggling underneath a shared fuzzy blanket.

  • Cherish your love. Look up the true meaning of this word and work at loving your partner in this wonderful manner.

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