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The Chicken Dance

Two years ago our younger son begged us to buy him chickens. He made every promise possible until we relented and purchased six adorable chicks –one for each member of the family: Tulip, Jalapeno, Nora, Sally, Omelet and Fluffles. As you may have guessed, our son quickly forgot all his promises to feed, clean, honor and respect his chickens. This was not a surprise. The surprise was the strong bond that formed between our oldest son and the fowl.

He loves our chickens with all of his heart. He hangs out in their coop (regardless of the weather), talks to them, listens to them, watches them, and will even tell us in great detail about what each chicken is feeling and why. He is their greatest caretaker and advocate –updating us constantly about their every move. He has the political pulse of the coop.

When came time to find a gift for our oldest, we knew exactly what to do. We installed a new camera with audio capabilities that allowed him the opportunity too not only see his “girls” but to hear them, and communicate with them. Although the camera does not speak chicken (my daughter asked if it did) it allows him, who does speak chicken, to talk and be heard by his girl-friends.

The joy found on his face when he realized that at any time, anywhere he could see and talk to his chickens via his phone, is priceless. Priceless! We will always remember that moment.

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That is the power of a Smart Home. The impossible becomes possible and houses become havens. –Places where experiences and joy triumph.

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