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Power –A fitting topic for the day after our nation’s presidential election. No, I will not discuss politics. There is enough “hot air” blowing already. (If only all that heat could be bottled, perhaps our power issues would be solved?)

We take it for granted that our lights will turn on with a flick of a switch, our refrigerators will keep our perishables cold, and our heat will keep our bodies warm. But what happens when the power we depend upon ceases to flow?

We recently experienced an extended power failure while traveling. Via our iPhone we received a text notification from stating:

“Larry’s system: Local Data for recent Power Failure.”

“Larry’s system: Fewer than 5% of the customers within 2 miles of this location are reporting a Power Failure as of 8:44 am on Friday, Nov. 1st.”

We were able to call the monitoring center to obtain additional data about the power outage and throughout the power outage we received notification about the status of the outage and when we could expect our power to be turned on. It was a huge help since we could make preparations for how to wait out the power outage and deal with our extensive systems.

Now, I have discussed the merits of in past posts, but I believe the capabilities of the service are well worth repeating. is an amazing wireless service that enables you to always know what is happening at your home or business. The service’s alert notifications and wireless connection allow you to be connected to your home even if the phone line is cut, Internet is disconnected or power goes out. This home monitoring system will monitor your property when the system is disarmed for any reason. You can control your home via the web or mobile app and be updated on the status of your home’s functions with email and text notifications. For more information about the product/service view:

So, yea! And yea to America and the democratic freedoms we all enjoy. I wish you a very happy day-after the election!

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