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Mystery Solved

There was a robbery in my neighborhood this week. Someone jimmied the lock on a French door on the side patio of a neighbor’s house. The robber went straight into the master bedroom’s walk-in closet and grabbed all the jewelry and electronics found.

So imagine my surprise when Larry and I came home this morning, after a series of early meetings, to find our front door open. No one was expected home. The door should have been closed and locked.

We thought about calling the police but then Larry remembered is a home monitoring system that works around the clock to log all events including motion activity, door opening and closing, alarm arming and disarming, power failures, water leaks, etc.

In a flash, my superhero whipped out his iPhone and accessed our home’s security system history. Larry learned that the last time the door opened was coincidentally the same as the time our children left for school. So, he surmised, the kids must have forgotten to close the door in the rush to get out of the house and get to school.

In addition, our Smart Home has a keyless entry deadbolt provided by Kwikset.

One of the benefits of having a keyless entry deadbolt is that each family member and caretaker has a personal code that opens the home and locks it. We have control over who has access to our home. We can assign a temporary code to who ever needs one and delete it when we see fit. Keys are no longer necessary.

The keyless deadbolt coupled with gave us the data we needed to know our home was indeed safe and intact.

Phew, mystery solved!

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