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My Toothless Wonder

My heart almost stopped. My daughter greeted me wild-eyed with a bloody face, hands and shirt. What on earth happened? I remained uncharacteristically calm and tried to assess the situation. My daughter was not screaming or hysterically crying. There was a huge smile on her face. How odd…

After a bit of confusion all became clear.

My daughter lost her second front tooth and she was thrilled.

Once over the shock of the blood we cleaned her up and took a picture of her now toothless grin with the iPhone. The picture is fantastic and shows my daughter in all of her toothless glory. What a day, what a milestone. All captured digitally.

The best part? The picture we took from our iPhone immediately synced with all of our Apple devices (iPhones, iPads, Macs) and the AppleTV. With a single click of the remote I instantly saw my toothless wonder displayed along with the rest of our digital photos on our digital album on our awesome Samsung 60” TV, .

No pain, only seamless coordination and synergy among our myriad of electronics. I didn’t worry about connecting a cord to camera, and transferring the pictures. I didn’t think about locating all the remotes I need for the various components nor was I concerned with recalling which devices to turn on and the specific inputs they needed. It just worked, simply and easily, with one click of a button. A beautiful thing!

Which brings me to another related topic. The TVs of today are not those of our childhood or of our parents’ childhood. They are now multifunctional appliances. Not only can I watch my favorite shows and movies, the TV may be used as a monitor for computing and a conduit for streaming content, gaming, web surfing, paying bills, photo viewing and YouTube watching.

So, when a friend who I had not seen in ages, was visiting I, with a single click of my remote, showed my friend a video segment about my other friend and chef extraordinaire, Kayne Raymond, who is on his way to be a superstar with his own TV cooking program. Take a look:

After viewing the segment with her, I recounted the story of the blood, the tooth, and the daughter, and instantly, with another single click of my remote, showed the picture of the toothless wonder on our amazing Samsung multifunctional TV. We had a good laugh. It was a wonderful opportunity to connect and share with my friend.

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